The Ultimate Guide to End of Lease Cleaning in Australia

When your rental lease is coming to an end, end of lease cleaning refers to thoroughly cleaning the property to meet the standards outlined in your lease agreement. This involves extensive cleaning of the entire property, including bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living areas and outdoor spaces.

End of lease cleaning is extremely important for tenants to avoid losing their bond money. Most rental agreements stipulate that the property must be returned in the same condition as when you moved in, minus fair wear and tear. Landlords will inspect the property once you vacate and can deduct cleaning fees from your bond if the home is not cleaned to their satisfaction.

Professional end of lease cleaning services take the stress out of move-out by handling the extensive cleaning for you. However, some tenants choose to clean themselves to save money. Whether you DIY or hire a cleaner, it’s essential to understand landlord expectations so you can clean thoroughly and get your full bond back.

This guide covers everything you need to know about end of lease cleaning – from costs and requirements through to tips for DIY cleaning or hiring a professional. Read on to learn how to make your exit from your rental as smooth as possible.

Benefits of a Professional Clean

Hiring professional end of lease cleaners offers several key advantages over attempting to clean the property yourself:

  • Save time – Cleaning an entire property top to bottom takes many hours of hard work. Professional cleaners work quickly and efficiently, completing the job in a fraction of the time it would take you to DIY. No need to spend your valuable weekends scrubbing floors and walls when you could be relaxing or getting ready for your move instead.

  • Get better results – Professionals use industrial-strength cleaning solutions and high-powered equipment that most people simply don’t have access to. They know the proven cleaning methods and techniques to thoroughly clean even the most stubborn dirt and stains.

  • Avoid damages – Aggressive scrubbing and using the wrong cleaning products can actually cause damage to surfaces. Professionals have the skills to clean thoroughly without causing any wear, tear or scratches. They know what products and techniques are safe for every surface. Attempting to cut corners with DIY cleaning risks forfeiting your bond due to damage.

Hiring end of lease cleaning experts guarantees the property will be returned in pristine, rentable condition. Thorough cleaning paired with a full bond back makes the service well worth the investment.

Common End of Lease Cleaning Requirements

When your lease ends, there are typically certain cleaning requirements you must meet in order to get your full bond back. Here are some of the most common end of lease cleaning requirements:


  • Vacuum all carpets and rugs thoroughly. Make sure to get into corners and along edges.
  • If you have any carpet stains, spot clean these areas to try to remove the stains.
  • Carpets may need to be professionally steam cleaned depending on your lease terms.


  • Walls should be washed down to remove any dirt, grease or food splatters. Pay close attention around light switches and door handles where grime tends to build up.
  • Remove all nails, screws or hooks you have installed. Fill any holes and touch up paint if needed to match the existing wall color.


  • The oven should be cleaned thoroughly inside and out, including the racks and trays. Use oven cleaner if needed.
  • Rangehoods and exhaust fans should be degreased and cleaned. Replace filters if needed.
  • Empty and wipe down all cupboards and drawers inside and out.
  • Clean sink, faucets, tiled splashbacks.
  • Ensure refrigerator is defrosted and cleaned inside and behind.


  • Clean all surfaces in shower, bath, vanities. Remove built up soap scum and mildew.
  • Clean tiles, grout and silicone seals. Apply new silicone if areas are mouldy.
  • Clean vanity mirrors andmedicine cabinets.
  • Clean exhaust fans and heater vents.
  • Sanitize and clean the toilet bowl, seat, lid, tank and behind.


  • Clean inside and out, including sills and window tracks.
  • Wipe down curtain rods and clean or wash curtains/blinds.

Outdoor Areas

  • Sweep patios, balconies, garages and vacuum carpeted areas.
  • Clean outdoor furniture and light fittings.
  • Sweep driveways and paths, pressure clean if needed.
  • Maintain lawns, trees and gardens.

How Much Does End of Lease Cleaning Cost?

The cost of end of lease cleaning can vary significantly depending on the size of the property, condition, location, and level of service. Here are some average costs:

  • Studio apartment – $150 to $250
  • 1 bedroom apartment – $180 to $350
  • 2 bedroom apartment – $250 to $450
  • 3 bedroom house – $350 to $650
  • 4+ bedroom house – $550 to $1000+

The main factors that impact the cost are:

  • Size of the property – Larger homes or multi-story places take more time.

  • Level of cleaning – A standard clean versus a detailed deep clean.

  • Condition of the property – More cleaning is required for dirtier or neglected homes.

  • Location and accessibility – Rural or remote areas incur travel fees.

  • Specialized cleaning – Oven, window, carpet cleaning services cost extra.

DIY vs Professional Cleaning

Hiring a professional end of lease cleaner works out more affordable than doing it yourself for most renters. Professionals have the expertise, equipment, and manpower to thoroughly clean within a fixed timeframe.

DIY cleaning takes significantly longer and may not meet the end of lease standards. Your time and effort spent cleaning has an opportunity cost too.

Professional cleaners know all the end of lease expectations and trouble spots. They can guarantee your full bond refund.

Overall, professional end of lease cleans range from $150 for a studio to $1000+ for larger homes. The investment is well worth it to get your full bond back.

What to Look for in an End of Lease Cleaner

When hiring an end of lease cleaning company, there are several key factors to look for to ensure you get a high-quality clean.


Choose a company that specializes in end of leases and has several years of experience professionally cleaning rental properties. An experienced cleaner will know all the expected standards and have optimized techniques to clean thoroughly.


Check reviews on Google, Facebook and third-party review sites. Reputable cleaners should have mostly 4-5 star reviews describing excellent service. Be wary of companies with no reviews or consistently bad feedback.


Make sure the cleaner is fully insured, so you’re covered in case of any damages or accidents. Liability insurance and workers compensation are essential. Reputable companies will be happy to provide certification.


The cleaner should use commercial-grade equipment like vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters to trap dust, polishers for hard floors, and steam cleaners for grime buildup. Quality tools lead to better cleaning results.


Choose a cleaner that uses proven techniques and checklists to clean systematically from top to bottom. They should scrub and sanitize all surfaces, not just spot clean. Quality control and attention to detail are vital for great results.

Following these tips will help you hire the best end of lease cleaning service to meet the agency’s expectations and get your full bond back. Professional cleaners with experience, insurance, tools, and diligent techniques will provide a five-star clean.

Questions to Ask Your End of Lease Cleaner

When hiring an end of lease cleaning service, you’ll want to ask some key questions to ensure you choose a reliable, experienced professional. Here are some of the most important questions to ask:

How long have you been in business?

An established company with several years of experience is ideal. This indicates they have proven processes and satisfied customers over an extended period.

Are your cleaners experienced with end of lease cleaning?

Make sure the cleaners assigned to your property have expertise specifically with end of lease cleans. They should be familiar with the stricter requirements compared to a standard cleaning.

What’s included in your end of lease cleaning services?

Get a detailed list of everything covered in their end of lease package. Most standard inclusions are interior windows, walls, carpets, kitchen, bathrooms, laundry, etc.

Can you provide a timeline for completion?

Ask for a clear schedule of when the cleaners will arrive and how long the job will take. You’ll want to be present during the cleaning, so make sure the timeline works for you.

Do you offer any guarantees?

Many companies offer satisfaction guarantees or will return to re-clean anything the agent identifies as unsatisfactory. This provides assurance they stand behind their work.

Can you provide references from past clients?

Reputable cleaners should be happy to provide references from past end of lease customers. Speaking to past clients gives insight into their experiences.

Asking the right questions upfront ensures you hire an experienced end of lease cleaning service you can trust to deliver a five-star clean. This will give you confidence when returning the property to your real estate agent.

Handling Bond Returns

Getting your full bond back at the end of your lease should be a top priority. Here are some tips for making sure you receive your full bond:

  • Do a thorough clean before inspection day. Make sure you clean every room, cupboard, and appliance to meet the standard of cleanliness required. Refer back to your original condition report.

  • Attend the exit inspection. Be present for the inspection and point out any existing damage not caused by you. Take photos and videos as evidence. Politely dispute any unreasonable claims for cleanliness or damage.

  • Request an itemised invoice. If the agent wants to make any claims on your bond for cleaning or repairs, request a detailed invoice showing exactly what deductions they are making and the costs. Make sure they are reasonable and match the condition report.

  • Dispute unfair claims. You have the right to dispute any unfair claims on your bond through your state’s tenancy tribunal. Your evidence like photos and the original condition report will help your case.

  • Get receipts for professional cleaning. Hiring an end of lease cleaner and having receipts will show you took reasonable steps to clean and increase your chances of getting bond back.

  • Follow up in writing. After the inspection, follow up any discussions in writing to create a paper trail. Be polite but firm regarding refunding your full bond.

  • Apply to tribunal if issues. As a last resort if significant disputes remain, apply for free tribunal mediation. Tribunals will assess evidence and determine if any deductions are justified.

Following these tips, documenting properly, and demonstrating you met the cleanliness requirements at the start of your lease makes it very likely you’ll receive your full bond refund. A thorough clean and being present at the inspection are key to protecting your bond.


As your lease draws to an end, a thorough end of lease clean is essential for getting your bond back in full. After all, you want to make sure the property is returned in the same condition you found it in when you moved in.

The key is being strategic – inspect the property early to identify problem areas, choose a professional cleaner if needed, and don’t leave the clean to the last minute. Schedule the clean over multiple days if required. Focus on areas outlined on your original condition report like the oven, bathrooms, carpets and walls.

With some planning and elbow grease, you can tackle the end of lease clean yourself. Start by decluttering and removing all belongings, before methodically cleaning each room. Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathrooms. A once over with the vacuum and some spot cleaning of walls and carpets will finish up the job.

If doing it yourself seems too daunting, hire an end of lease cleaning service like Martijn van Lith. Look for fully insured cleaners who use environmentally friendly products. Obtain quotes from a few providers before deciding. Confirm what is included and inspect afterwards. This will take the stress out of the clean so you can focus on moving.

At the final inspection, be present and point out the cleaning efforts made. Be upfront about any remaining issues and provide quotes for repair if needed. This goodwill can help ensure you get your full bond back.

With the right preparation and hard work, your end of lease clean will pass inspection with flying colours. Best of luck with your move, and future leasing journeys!

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